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No more back and forth with approvals! Enable your managers to approve requests and build approval workflows with ease. Employee requests can be processed smoothly, without long waiting periods.
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Whether vacation, sick days or working hours – managers can easily approve employee requests with just a few clicks. An approval process software makes it simple.

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Leidinggevenden hebben een duidelijk overzicht nodig van de vakantieroosters van teams
om een goede planning te kunnen maken. Met Personio zijn alle afwezige teamleden beschikbaar in één weergave.
Goedkeuringsprocessen voor vakantieverzoeken
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Zorg dat aanvragen bij de juiste personen terechtkomen

Wie mag wat goedkeuren? Moeten aanvragen worden goedgekeurd door verschillende leidinggevenden? Jij bepaalt de autorisatieprocessen die je wilt definiëren voor jouw organisatie. Personio stuurt tijdig herinneringen naar iedereen die verantwoordelijk is voor openstaande aanvragen, zodat knelpunten in het proces verleden tijd zijn.

met Personio

Personio ondersteunt je bij al je HR-processen, van het beheren van sollicitanten of verlofaanvragen tot de salarisadministratie. Maak vandaag nog een gratis testaccount of boek je eigen demo van 30 minuten om meer te leren over het optimaliseren van je processen met efficiëntere software.

Approval Process Software With Personio

Can an approval process software completely change your organization? That depends. How is your company currently handling approvals? If you feel like you are stuck going back and forth, without a proper approval workflow, then an approval process software can help ensure that all of your steps are always laid out. This way, time is spent actually approving things rather than simply discussing approvals.

What Is An Approval Process Software?

As part of a collection of HR processes, and approval process software can make it clear who needs to approve what, when they need to approve it, all while making the process of approval as simple as possible. Typically, in only a few clicks.

What Is An Approval Workflow?

An approval workflow is a business process whereby certain outcomes are determined by stakeholders who need to approve them. The idea is to design a process that is replicable, sustainable, and makes life easier across the business.

How Does Personio Make HR Approvals Easier?

Personio empowers managers by allowing them to make employee approvals in only a few clicks. Whether vacation requests, working hours, or sick days, all you have to do is get notified, click, and approve. It’s as simple as that.

Why Do Managers Need HR Approval Software?

Because it makes their lives easier! Instead of having to manually record and approve requests, everything is done digitally and is all housed in one single source of truth. This way, HR then has all of the data they need to work with clean and error-free data.

Does Personio Remind Employees Of Approvals?

Personio can send automated reminders to managers to review and approve requests whenever the need exists. They receive an email directly, and all they have to do is log in to easily find the requests, review them, and click a button or two.

Do You Need An Approval Process Software?

In short, if you need help developing approval processes, an approval workflow, or generally want to make it easier for employees and managers to approve requests (and view the results), then an approval process software is a great fit.

How Do You Choose The Right Approval Process Software?

First, you need to think about a software that can handle your diverse HR needs. That includes absence management, performance, data security, and more. Personio is an all-in-one solution that can help. Not only with approvals, but building approvals around your core processes.